I Am Absolutely Not Writing This to Put Off Writing My Other Essay Nope

First thing's first -- I signed up for aftercamlann again! Now, the hard part is deciding which one of my WIPs I should finish for it... I might do two if I find the time. I can't wait! Also, I've seen the art for merlinreverse and it's all so gorgeous -- especially the angsty ones. So. Beautiful. How do you talent?!

On that note, the posting dates for reel_merlin and merlinvalentine are coming up. I can't wait to post my fics (only one of which is completely done, oops...).

I've been through hell and back -- namely, I finally stopped procrastinating for the most part and sat down to write my History of Chemistry essay. That 1 ECTS point was absolutely not worth it. Not. Worth. It. At. All. Still one essay to go, though. At least this one is for another subject and is probably going to be more fun. I get to compare and contrast two different paintings! I mean, it's probably going to prove to be tedious once I finally get down to it, but for now, I'm willing to pretend it'll be fun.

I've also recently been informed that a diet consisting of spaghetti and chocolate is unhealthy. My cousin is planning to get me a cookbook for dummies. All things considered, I could probably use one.

Exams are almost over, thankfully, so I'll have some more time to myself in a week or so. I have very big plans that I will end up not following. Veeery big plans. Having to do with writing fanfiction, mostly. And finishing that one cross stitching project I've been putting off since the summer. Or at least getting close to finishing it, since I'll only have a week and a half before the next semester starts.
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Previously on My Life

So, I've had two final exams already, and this is despite the fact that officially, exams should start on the 30th. But yeah. I'm not complaining. English was easy (oh, the joys of being a native speaker), and today's General Chemistry final wasn't so bad, either. I'm pretty sure I passed both of them. Maybe. I hope.

As for my remaining subjects -- I might be the slightest bit terrified of the exams. But that's only because I haven't got the slightest idea about Physics and apparently I don't understand Math as well as I thought I did. Thank goodness not all subjects end in exams! Although most of the others require either an essay, or both an essay and a presentation. Thankfully, it was a group presentation and I didn't need to talk for more than 3 minutes. I swear those were the most stressful few minutes I've had to live through this year (and yes, I know, we're only a month into 2017, but you get my point).

^ This is part of the reason I've been doing less writing not that I did much of it before, oops.

I'm also pleased to announce that I have, once again, chickened out of cutting my hair. It's still around 110 centimeters long -- that's my hairdresser's estimate. I wonder how much longer it'll grow before someone forcibly drags me to the hairdresser's to get it cut... My mom's already made threats :)

Oh! I've also learned how to cook spaghetti, miraculously managing not to burn it in the process. I'm so proud of myself. Maybe I won't starve to death here, after all (I ran out of the food I brought from home a week and a half ago). Also, the pre-packed meals from the grocery store taste terrible.

Last, but not least -- the next time I get it in my head to translate a 6K words long statute, someone please beat some sense to me. I don't want to make that mistake again. I mean, I got paid, but it was in no way worth the amount of time I spent trying to unravel legalese. Never. Again.

And on that note, I'm off to sleep. I have another exam in the morning, so I should at least try to get some rest (it's Computer Programming -- but hey, at least Computer Programming is fun). Good night (or good day, depending on where you are)!
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Posting That One Fic I Once Mentioned

Remember how I mentioned translating a fic a while back? Well, it's finally been posted!

Promises That Were Never Made

Author: euphoria814

Translation by: TheDragon

Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur Pendragon

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: ~18K

Summary: His feet were moving before he realised what he was doing. He walked out from behind Arthur’s throne and around the table to stand in front of the whole Court. His hands were shaking when he looked at his King. Arthur looked shocked, and while this gave him a bit of satisfaction, it didn’t help to lessen his nervousness at all.

“I’m Emrys,” he said loudly, trying to get himself under control.

“Stop trying to be funny, Merlin,” Arthur snorted. “Go back to your place,” he added.

“The Druids call me Emrys. It’s me you’re looking for,” he repeated stubbornly, but he knew that Arthur would need something more convincing than his words to believe him.

He stretched out his hand, wondering what to create to prove the truth of his words, but a ball of fire was enough for an expression of pure horror to appear on Arthur’s face.


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The Meaning of True Desperation

You haven't known true desperation until you've had to stab a knife through the lid of a jar to get to the food inside. Ahhh, the joys of being a student... (I swear I did whatever I could to open it normally but it. Just. Wouldn't. Open!)

Now, back to more normal topics.

Both my fics for winterknights and merlin-holidays have been posted and I'm overjoyed because of the comments I've gotten. I keep going back to reread them because I love them so much! Now, I just need to write fics for reel_merlin and the merthurgiftexchange, and I'll take a break for a while. Oh, and I'm waiting to post my avalonslibrary fic, too, but I think that's going to happen sometime in February? I'm not sure...

I've also recently learned that I am a sucker for pretty mugs. I just bought three new ones over the last month. They're beautiful! One is in the shape of an owl, and the remaining two are Christmas themed!

On a less positive note, they've changed the train schedule and they got rid of my train. Now, if I want to travel home in the evenings, I'll need to take either two trains, a train and a bus, or wait until the next day to take a single train. Whyyy?!

The Dangers of Me Having My Own Money

The good part about having my own bank account and paypal -- I can buy books online (and be faced with my parents' judgmental gazes when they see the parcels, which I see but choose to ignore).

The bad part -- I have to stop myself from buying too many books online and it's so hard.

I mean, just last week (exactly a week ago, I think), I bought the first five Game of Thrones books, as well as a series called Arthur the Hero by Jack Whyte (and you can guess what that's about), and today, I bought Shakespeare's The Tempest, and then I've got Le Morte d'Arthur sitting on my bookshelf, waiting for me to finish reading it.

I think I'll need to get a summer job to be able to pay for my addiction. To be fair, though, I haven't really bought any books for the last three or so years. And I think I might just have enough books to keep me sated for the next few months, although that depends on how much reading I'll get done over the holidays.

(I'm also trying to convince my dad to buy me The Pendragon Cycle series for my birthday and yes, I am aware of the fact that my birthday is over seven months away, thank you very much.)
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Turns out I can be productive when I want to. It took me only a week to translate a 14.5K-words-long fic written in Polish. The translation, on the other hand, is almost 18K words long. To be fair, I went home for the weekend, and the train ride in one direction is almost 3.5 hours and I was bored. And then I was also a bit bored when I was at home. And waiting for a lecture in computer programming last Thursday. Now, all that's left is to read the translation, correct the mistakes I will definitely come across, and send it to my beta reader. The fic will probably be out soon, though!

Also, while we're on the topic of going home for the weekend -- I left Warsaw with an empty suitcase, and I brought back a suitcase full of food. One would think that something so simple as a grocery store doesn't exist here. Not that I'm complaining too much, mind you. The food my mom packed is delicious.

Still. It wouldn't take long for me to go out and buy cookies, you know?

But food. I have food.
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Living Alone

Right. So. My life lately:

  • I've miraculously managed not to poison myself with my horrendous cooking skills. While we're on that topic, I also managed not to burn down the apartment. On the other hand, I am constantly eating the same four meals, which I am not entirely sure is healthy.

  • Or well, I was eating the same four meals. We had a four-days-long weekend so I went home, and my mom sent me back to Warsaw with jars full of food. It's gonna take a while to eat all that, but at least I won't have to put too much effort into cooking for a while!

  • I finally got some sheets for my bed and am no longer sleeping on my fluffy blanket. And before you ask, no, I didn't go to a shop to buy them. I'm too lazy to do that. Instead, I brought them back from home. Overall, my bed is mostly a mixture of green and orange. Oh, and with some red decorative pillows thrown in!

  • I also have an actual electric kettle and am drinking tea all day, every day. Running out of fruit tea, though. Need to fix that...

  • I no longer need a map to get places, and remember where each of my classes is!

  • Apparently there's a cat café somewhere around here, and now I'm debating whether or not I should take my friend there despite my allergies (Yes, I'm allergic to cats. It could have been worse -- could have been allergic to dogs.).

  • I have wifi! I've had it for the past week and a half because the company I'm getting my internet from finally figured out how to set it up. After two weeks and after me having sent them an email (Turns out they forgot I exist. Not that they told me that explicitly, but I can read in between the lines).

  • I've learned how to sleep and ignore the shouts of the children from the preschool downstairs.

  • I've finished a few projects for the fests I'm taking part in and can't wait to post them! (Or, well, I can't wait to read the reviews I'm hoping people will leave.)

  • I've dug up an old sketchbook and soft pastels and am currently in the process of trying to figure out how to use them. I'm not procrastinating, you're procrastinating.

  • And last but not least -- I miraculously passed my Physics exam. Seriously -- it was a miracle. Of all the horrors I've seen, this was... Well. It was the worst. An hour and a half of death and destruction and all-around pain.

I think that about covers it. Hasn't been as bad as I expected. Kinda fun, actually. I mean, this whole living alone thing is really working out for me.

My Attempts at Trying to be Productive

So, apparently I have too much free time on my hands says the college student who probably failed today's Physics exam, ha ha, and I've decided to do something productive for once in my life.

I've created a Valentine's Day gift exchange! In case any one of my not-so-many friends is interested, you can find the fest's LJ here.

I'm really excited, and a bit afraid that I may have screwed it up a little, so if you see any problems, missing information, etc., just let me know!
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Two Weeks of University Later

Right. So, two weeks of University has gone by. I'd like to say it's been hard, but it's actually been very nice. Very fun.

For now.

My professors are cool (except maybe the Physics one, but I may be biased because I absolutely loathe the subject). The other students are nice. The only problem I have is that the Faculty of Chemistry has no map of the building and is just as twisty and turny as a labyrinth. I mean it -- I have very good navigational skills, but none of them prepared me for finding some of the classrooms. Finding my way around Warsaw is easier than finding my way around the Chem Department. It really should take a leaf out of the Faculty of Physics book -- they have a very nice, very large map right near the entrance. I did, however, eventually manage to find my way to room 520 -- which was on the third floor even though the 5 at the beginning indicates it should have been on the fifth (we don't have a fifth floor).

Time flies -- this statement has never felt truer. Part of the reason might be because the time I don't spend in classes, I spend studying, eating or sleeping a not-necessarily-healthy 10 hours a day. Oh, and I still don't have wifi. I have, however, figured out how to efficiently use Microsoft OneNote. A very useful program, that. I don't have to carry as many notebooks as I thought I would.

What else...

I've decided that I may as well start writing things again now that I've gotten more or less settled in. There are so many fests to do! I don't think I've mentioned that I'm taking part in winterknights, merlin-holidays, avalonslibrary's short fic fest (at least I think that's what it's called), reel_merlin, and merlinreverse. Also, I feel weird now that aftercamlann is over and I no longer have a long project to work on. Very weird.

But hey, at least there are other fests now, right? Though I doubt I'll upload any other fics before that. Maybe a drabble or two, if I finish the projects for the fests early. No promises, though.
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First Day of University

All in all, I'm not sure what I expected, but it definitely wasn't for the whole thing to last for over 7 hours. At one point, I regretted not bringing a pillow.

First, we had an inauguration, where they introduced the professors, and that went reasonably quickly. But then we had to listen to around three hours of a safety lecture, and while yes, I do understand why it was important, someone could have at least attempted to make it a little less boring. Also, there were problems with the microphone.

They ended that with a test. On the first day, a day when we're not even supposed to have classes yet -- a test. It wouldn't have been that bad, but where I was sitting, we barely heard anything of the lecture because of the aforementioned problems with the microphone.

So, not off to a particularly good start.

Once that ended, we had a small (small, because half of the students had left after the test was over) meeting with what I think was the student council, and that lasted another hour and a half.

However... *drumroll*

...in spite of my personality-test-proven introversion, I did manage to make two new acquaintances. So, hooray for me!

I'd like to end this post by saying that writing blog posts here is proving to be more therapeutic that keeping a diary says the person who was never able to keep one for more than two days.

A Minor Update

Here comes today's summary of events:

So, remember how I said that I was supposed to go look at an apartment yesterday? When I called, the owner (who I talked to the previous day) didn't pick up -- nor did she call me back, and neither did the owner of the other apartment I wanted to look at. I'm guessing they probably found someone to rent the apartments to, but I think I deserve to be notified, especially considering that one had already agreed to meet up. In other words -- no apartment for me yet. No wi-fi either. I'm stuck with mobile internet that will eventually run out and am unable to do much of anything.

On the upside, my friend moved to Warsaw this morning, and we've made plans to meet up and likely go shopping, because I'm not sure how long a human being can survive on a diet of chocolate cookies and green tea. Probably not that long...

Is this a bad time to mention that I found a shop that sells reasonably-priced tea? I feel like it might be a bad time.

Overall, I feel much calmer than I did yesterday, although I did have a mini-breakdown in the shower, where I stared at the wall for a good five minutes wondering what I was doing with my life. But that's over for now. Till tomorrrow, at least, because that's when the inauguration of the new school year is (I think I may have mentioned this already), and I still don't know where the assembly hall I'm supposed to show up at is. I don't like not knowing things. As was mentioned in my previous post, I need to have everything planned in advance, down to the smallest and most insignificant details.

But that's tomorrow, so I'm trying not to worry about it too much. I think I can sleep soundly for now. Literally sleep -- I'm tired even though it's only three in the afternoon (I've got an alarm set for 7:50 in the morning and everything so that I'll be forced to wake up eventually). Although, maybe I can try to write something instead... But what with my current mood, it'd probably turn out very angsty -- which is not necessarily a bad thing.

And to think that I was worried I wouldn't have it in me to write long posts...

Moving Halfway Across the Country

So. It finally happened.

I haven't been online much since the 25th, for a very good reason. Most of that day, I spent packing as many things as I could into my three suitcases and two backpacks. In hindsight, I may have overpacked.

A lot.

To be fair, though, I won't be back home till the end of October.

Yesterday, my mom and I had to get up at what was literally the crack of dawn to catch a train that would take us to Warsaw. The train was nice, though, and the ride lasted only a little over three hours.

Right. So, in Warsaw, it turns out that the only way to get anywhere is to use Google Maps (it's a huge city). Some of the streets were so wierd that it took us a while to find the dormitory I'm renting a guest room in while looking for an apartment. And yes, I know I'm a little late to begin a hunt for that, considering Uni's starting up in October, with the Inauguration being on the 29th of September, but my potential roommates walked out on me and I need a place to stay that doesn't have three beds, one table, and the scent of death.

(This is the most accurate description of my three-person guest room that I could come up with at the time being -- but alright, it does have a wardrobe and a sink and a mini-fridge. Still, though -- the scent of death is omnipresent and apparently you need to have your own toilet paper. Also -- the women in charge of the place are Rude with a capital "R".)

I'm sitting at the table in my room and I'm really stressed right now. My hands are shaking and my stomach hurts and I should probably go find a pharmacy and buy something that will help me to calm down. I shall try self-medicating with some green tea, though, because I can't bring myself to leave the room just yet. I'm also currently looking up breathing exercises.

Since last night, I've also been busy thinking up contingency plans upon contingency plans, because that's what I do to calm down (I always feel better when I have everything down to the smallest details), and I've come to the conclusion that if getting a degree in Chemistry (or, well, "Advanced Methods of Instrumental Analysis and Measurement Techniques", as the Uni calls it) will end up being too hard, I'll just drop out and apply to go study American Studies in Cracow, beginning next year. I have no worries about studying that, because I'm good at English (oh, what growing up in Chicago does to people), and Cracow is around three times closer to home -- so, one potential problem solved.

I'm going to need to leave in about an hour anyway, because there's an apartment I need to look at, and, as mentioned previosuly, I really need a place of my own. After that, I'll probably need to go shopping because food and toilet paper are two things I absolutely cannot live without.

Okay, so the food part might be a bit of a stretch because I don't think I'd be able to keep anything down right now.

I was hoping to get caught up on all of the Big Bang fics I haven't read yet, but I don't think I have the time nor the stomach for it yet. Maybe once everything settles down a bit, I'll finally catch up on everything I've missed so far.

Wish me luck (and peace of mind)!
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Polish Politics and Me

I figured I wouldn't be posting for a while, but it turns out that I need to rant, preferably right now before I forget what I want to say. I'd also like to apologise ahead of time for this mostly political post, and say that I will not post things like this often. I promise my next entries will be much light-hearted.

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My Introduction to LiveJournal

I'll start off this post by saying, "Hi". So. Hi! I'd ask you how you're doing, but as I have very few friends here, I'm not sure I'd get an answer. Well, anyway, I've decided that since I have an LJ account, I might as well post something to my blog every once in a while (and try not to screw it up because compared to Tumblr, LJ is black magic).

What to say, what to say...

The date is September 23, 2016. The time - 10:30 PM. I'm sitting in front of my laptop, trying to figure out what I'm supposed to write here.

I'm eighteen years old. Leo. Usually very introverted. I'm currently living in a constant state of panic because I'm going off to University at the beginning of October and I have no idea what to expect. I'm addicted to tea (is that a thing? I just made it a thing), and lately I'm particularly fond of fruit teas, though I expect that will change to white or green tea come winter because I'm weird that way. I spend most of my free time procrastinating. The time that I do not spend procrastinating, I spend writing fanfiction, crocheting, or cross-stitching (or watching TV shows or playing video games, but I want to make myself seem at least a little bit creative/productive).

Speaking of writing fanfiction, I will use this paragraph to shamelessly advertise my aftercamlann fic, Instead of My Reflection (I See You), in the hopes that somebody will see this and go read it and fall in love with lfb72's art like I did (and maybe leave a comment, please, because those always make me feel better).

Other than that, I've signed up to take part in four other fests, the fics for which I am trying to work on in between writing one paragraph of this post and the next because, today, I've been finding it hard to focus on a single thing at a time for some reason. So, hopefully, if any of you read my stuff, you'll have that to look forward to. I've got the projects down on my to-do list and everything, in the hopes that it will help me remember which drafts are due first.

So, that's all I've been able to come up with for now. If anyone's interested, I'll probably be writing about my life (read: University) for a bit because I'll likely be needing to let off some steam and ranting in posts helps me do that.